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BUSTING INFORMATION: The Lesbian U-Haul Stereotype is FALSE

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Okay, dykes, make getting SHOOK. Whatever you ever before knew is actually a rest; all you believed about queer culture is about to be shattered; the actual first step toward your own lez opinion method is planning to cave in. No,
and Portia are not splitting up (goddess forbid!).
Unique investigation
(like, actual analysis, with elegant sociologists at nice
Ivy League
schools) claims that lesbians you should not relocate with one another (AKA
) any quicker than their unique boring heterosexual competitors. The lesbian U-Haul label is medically debunked.

In a recent study,
Taylor Orth and Michael Rosenfeld
of Stanford University accumulated data on commitment routes of 3,000 partners and found that the typical pair when you look at the U.S. moves within a-year and a half when they start matchmaking.

You might understand (or be—i am examining my self),
a lesbian that contains moved in after a couple of months
, it’s actually not typical. Exactly what really has an effect on the timeline of an union course, Orth and Rosenfeld discovered, is get older. you an older will move around in together sooner than younger partners. Very perform partners in which one user is actually an evangelical Christian. The research also unveiled that more educated couples often relocate slower.

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BUSTING INFORMATION: The Lesbian U-Haul Stereotype is FALSE | iProWeb

So might there be lots of different facets into what can cause partners to
or not
, but shockingly, sexual positioning and sex are not one among these. “unlike preferred conceptions of lesbians as eager to dedicate,” the scientists write, “our outcomes indicate that after managing for couple get older there aren’t any significant differences in relative rates of cohabitation among couple kinds.” Their unique analysis was actually thorough: from the 3,000 couples interviewed, 220 of those were same-sex female couples.

BUSTING INFORMATION: The Lesbian U-Haul Stereotype is FALSE | iProWeb

This Stanford study completely debunks the age-old stereotype that lesbian lovers move means faster than right couples. (So what does a lesbian bring to another big date? A U-Haul.) The difference within the study, though, is that the lesbian lovers inside data tended to end up being older once they got together. The lesbian couples, an average of, met at 34, additionally the male-female partners found, on average, at 26. (My personal thought on this subject usually queer men and women are much more exciting and daring, and aren’t completed slutting at 26… and they occasionally have a stunted puberty, but that is for the next article.) This get older difference might create it look like lesbians


tend to U-Haul, although evaluation demonstrates that it is the age of conference that really matters, maybe not if the couples are homosexual or directly.

So I think we need to produce a unique laugh. Just what else can you lesbians bring to one minute day? All of our mental traumas, a purple sparkly strap-on, our ongoing experience in regards to our exes, dairy-free parmesan cheese, mulled wine, an oddly particular present from a Brooklyn thrift store? I’m sure we will find something away.

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