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FOB Shipping Point vs FOB Destination

Since FOB shipping point transfers the title of the shipment of goods...

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What Are Operating Expenses? Definition and Examples

You can create sub-accounts for all your expenses, like payroll and advertising....

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Accounting Principles II: Understanding Notes Payable

He has worked as an accountant and consultant for more than 25...

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Free EIN Tax ID Application Submission with Corp & LLC Filings

Tax obligations differ at the state and local levels, so you’ll need...

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The Double Declining Depreciation Method: A Beginner's Guide

The DDB depreciation method is best applied to assets that quickly lose...

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Bookkeepers vs Accountants: What's the Difference?

Ask for referrals from friends, colleagues or your local chamber of commerce...

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Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator

Residual value is the estimated salvage value at the end of the...

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What Is the Debt Ratio?

A firm that lends money will want to compare its ratios of...

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Raw Materials: Definition, Accounting, and Direct vs Indirect

The coffee shop purchased another 100 pounds at $11 per pound on...

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Best Accounting Software For Small Business 2023

Truly Small Accounting comes from Kashoo, the company that produced Kashoo Classic,...

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